I’ve registered for a class in computer-assisted textile design class that starts at the end of May, and I thought I should work on my very limited Photoshop skills to prepare. I’ve started by using photos that I took when Mark and I were in Los Angeles in February. My camera is full of the camellias that were in bloom at the Descanso Gardens when we were visiting. One day we’re in cold, grey, snowy New York and just a couple of days later I’m surrounded by amazing varieties of lush flowers in a large sunny garden. I loved being in Los Angeles in February, and I have hundred of photos to show it.

You may recognize the handsome orange cat in the image above. It’s Musico dreaming of camellias. He had to stay in New York during “Winterstorm Nemo” while Mark and I were enjoying the sunny California weather.


Lolita the Parrot perched on camellias was a birthday card for my friend Daniel.


Cooper the black cat was our housemate in LA and will forever live in infamy because of the part he played in hiding Mark’s wedding band under a speaker stand, not to be found for several days. His expression in the image was pretty much the one he had while watching me and Mark frantically search through the house. Completely unsympathetic and not helpful at all.

He is surrounded, not by camellias, but by the succulents that were growing in the house’s garden. Did I mention that I loved being in LA?