Open for Business

Owls and Pigeons has opened an Etsy shop!

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

Brighten up your kitchen with cheerful dandelion towels,

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

or find the perfect housewarming gift – a set of Tea Time towels and…

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

a reversible tea cozy!

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

The Owls and Pigeons Etsy shop features my original textile designs that I’ve made into towels and cozies – more designs are to come. For example, my teapot is nice and warm on top, but I think it needs a matching padded stand to sit on to keep it really warm through my long lingering weekend breakfasts.
You can find the shop here: Owls and Pigeons Etsy Shop

Sunflower Seats

For years our dining chairs have been a simple and cheap Ikea design that were handed down to me when a neighbor moved to Florida for a job singing with Cirque du Soleil. Ideal for twenty-somethings settling down in their first apartments, the chairs were cheap but were not made for longevity, and I decided recently that not only was I starting fear for our lives every time we sat down, but that we had probably outgrown them. So after a lunch of meatballs and lingonberry sauce, and much deliberation and seat testing, Mark and I decided on an Ikea upgrade: from “Stefan” to “Börge“.

Boring Borge

I liked the sleeker design of the Börge, but the stark white muslin seat cover was not very imaginative. Fortunately, it was removable, and could easily be replaced with a more interesting design.


When I got home and assembled the chairs (these took a little more work to put together than the Stefan, which is a good sign for durability) I realized that I had the perfect design, my Sunflower Seeds! I pulled out my staple gun, and went to work – so that the cover would have a more tailored fit, I decided not to make the cover removable, I can always pry out the staples if/when I decide to change the fabric again.

Alexandra AugustineI love how the chairs turned out. The fabric complements the chair really well and the overall design works with the rest of the room. And, most important, I no longer fear broken bones when we sit down to a meal.

Want to re-cover your Ikea chairs, make a dress, wrap a gift or paper your bathroom with “Sunflower Seeds”? It’s now available for sale on Spoonflower in a variety of fabrics and as wrapping paper and wallpaper. Check it out here: Spoonflower.