From Small Seeds

I’m still waiting for my sunflowers to bloom, but in anticipation – and as an inevitable follow up to my sunflower seeds design – I created a sunflower design for the home.

Sunflower Table Cloth

I was inspired by my sister’s garden where she has a carpet of zinnias blooming under a profusion of tall sunflowers growing behind them.

Sunflowers by Alexandra Augustine

I love the combination of the bold yellow sunflowers with the colorful scattering of zinnias among the green leaves.

My garden upstate usually blooms about a week or two after my sister’s on eastern Long Island, so I probably won’t have any zinnia or sunflowers blooming this weekend, but my dahlias are starting to pop open!


We’ve been busy

It’s been a busy season, Mark and I have been working, flowers have been blooming, vegetables are growing, bugs are buzzing.

I’ve also seemed to have a acquired a fascination with mushrooms. Now that the lazier days of summer are here, I definitely see a mushroom project in my future.

Happy Summer!