I Got This

A Spoonflower contest with a clock theme? I wonder where I can find inspiration…

hmmm…. Let’s take a look at a photo from a recent Christmas in my childhood home:


A nice family holiday scene, let’s take a closer look:


Yes, that’s right, eleven clocks. And that is in just one corner of one room in my parent’s large Victorian house.

You know all those teapots that I have? Well, I inherited the collecting gene from a master collector, my mom, and she has a thing for clocks. Her collection has expanded exponentially over the years, so I kind of know clocks.

Clocks, Alexandra Augustine

For my clock design, I decided to go with an art deco theme in black, silver and white, to highlight the graphic geometric shapes. And, in honor of all of my mom’s non-working clocks, each one frozen at a different hour, my clocks tell different times.

Alexandra Augustine

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