Open for Business

Owls and Pigeons has opened an Etsy shop!

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

Brighten up your kitchen with cheerful dandelion towels,

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

or find the perfect housewarming gift – a set of Tea Time towels and…

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

a reversible tea cozy!

Owls and Pigeons, Alexandra Augustine

The Owls and Pigeons Etsy shop features my original textile designs that I’ve made into towels and cozies – more designs are to come. For example, my teapot is nice and warm on top, but I think it needs a matching padded stand to sit on to keep it really warm through my long lingering weekend breakfasts.
You can find the shop here: Owls and Pigeons Etsy Shop


Tea Time

I love tea sets.

Alexandra Augustine

I bought my first set in Buenos Aires. A very sweet full set that has jaunty handles in that wonderful red/orange 1930’s color. My small collection grew from there, many from the early days of Ebay – before it got crazy competitive and I still had the chance to win, and afford, an auction.

My collection mostly includes colorful teapots and sets from the 1930’s to 1950’s (the polk-dot set in the lower right corner, in the above photo, is actually a copy of a Eva Zeisel design from the  Metropolitan Museum). But when I was thinking of designing a tea set textile, I wanted to have a more neutral palette. Having a weakness for stripes, I looked not at my own collection for inspiration, but at traditional blue and brown striped pots and sets.

And where would a tea set design feel most at home? On a tea towel!

Tea Towels, Alexandra Augustine

One lump, or two?

Tea Towels, Alexandra Augustine