Happy New Year!

Not having been very good at keeping up with my posts in the past year, I’m using the next few posts as updates on what kept me so busy during 2013 that I had no time to blog. That being said, I think you can guess what my New Year’s resolution is.

My portfolio is finished! I made my self-imposed deadline of December 1st and my portfolio for textile print design is online. It will be a continuous work in progress, but I’m feeling a little proud of myself for having accomplished as much as I did.


Yes, those are leeks on my garden print design. I know, I’m a little obsessed. 

I’ve also joined the Spoonflower community, and have a set up a shop to sell some of my designs as fabric. I only have a couple of designs for sale now, but will be adding more over the next couple of months. You don’t know how to sew? No problem! You can also have my designs printed up as wallpaper or wrapping paper.

Can’t you just see the garden print design from above on your kitchen wall?
And, you’ll definitely be given the largest piece of cake if you show up your next birthday party with a gift wrapped with this:


Next week’s post: Where I rediscover watercolors and Musico the Handsome Cat returns to New York after a summer of terrorizing my parents’ three geriatric cats.


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