Just Add Water

Last year, as part my career transitioning, I dug up my old paintbrushes and signed up for some watercolor classes.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I hadn’t done any painting since my costume design days and I had never felt entirely comfortable with it, but the encouragement and guidance I got from from two excellent artists/teachers really helped me to embrace the medium: Amy Park who teaches a class at the 92nd Street Y and Michiyo Fukushima who taught a five day workshop at The Art Students League of New York.

Garlic Study

One of my favorite projects was a study of garlic, seen from different angles.
My least favorite projects were landscapes.

Apple Study

Peeled Apples Study

So, I’ve mostly been working on painting still life’s or just concentrating on one detailed object. Fortunately, I have an unending collection of photos that I took of my garden for inspiration.


And fortunately, my little watercolor studies give me a convenient motif that can be used in a pattern. hmm…

3 thoughts on “Just Add Water

  1. Alex,
    I was most interested to learn that you were getting some inspiration from these last two art workshops. I felt the same elation about my experiences with workshops taken during my early days of teaching, all of which were led by some really fine teachers. In fact, I often felt that I had learned more from them than in some college education courses–practical stuff that I could (and did) use immediately! They also helped meet many fine teachers who became good friends and colleagues with whom I still have contact. Kay and I will be in New York again in early February and hope to see you then.

    Love, Augie


  2. This is fantastic! I am terribly impressed. I have a shaky hand and can barely draw a straight line. Keep going. Someone should commision you to do “Still Life of Garlic 17 Different Ways”

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